Thermal Compaction Group Ltd (TCG) approached Gary Baker, of Wales and West Media Ltd, seeking some publicity about their invention, a machine which could turn waste into recycled products.

The machine, called a Sterimelt, was aimed at the health sector and particularly the blue, once only, material that hospitals used during operations. This material was being incinerated at a cost to the health boards running the hospitals.

TCG’s Sterimelt machine was able to take this uncontaminated waste and turn it into polypropylene blocks that could then be sold as recycled material by the health board and turned into anything from warning signs for washed floors to chairs and tables.

This would actually produce a revenue to the health board from something which was costing them money to burn.


Trials of the Sterimelt machine had been ongoing for several months, in association with the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, covering South East Wales. Gary Baker prepared a PR plan to gain publicity for this new invention to be feature across all media platforms, from newspapers and magazines to social and digital content and, working in conjunction with other specialist PR organisations around the UK, to trade and global medical media.

One major coup for Wales and West Media’s efforts was to be featured on the ‘money cannot buy’ platform of the BBC regional news.

Here, a BBC Wales Today reporter and cameraman rang to ask to put together an item for that Friday night’s news programme. Within ten minutes, the marketing director of TCG and the regional director of the health board agreed to drop everything and be interviewed at the hospital two hours later.

That night, the story appeared as one of the main headlines read out on the Wales Today news with the interview package shown later in the programme. TCG’s managing director was thrilled with the outcome, as were the rest of his team, and subsequently have engaged Gary Baker and Wales and West Media on rolling out their trials and their other programmes to media across the UK and beyond.

This initial publicity package has gained a lot of interest from clients across the British and global medical industry, which has resulted in new orders for the Sterimelt machine being placed.

The company have been so pleased with Wales and West Media’s help that Gary Baker was invited as part of the team to Cardiff City Hall soon after the initial publicity where TCG won the Success Through Innovation trophy at the Wales Business Awards.

The BBC Wales Today item can been seen below.


Gary Baker

It is with great sorrow that we have to report the death of the owner and creator of Wales and West Media, Gary Baker.

Gary passed away on Janury 5th 2021 following a serious head injury.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Gary's family and close friends.