It is great fun when a newspaper or TV company contacts your and says they would like to conduct an interview - but what do you say when the microphones and dictaphones are pointing at you?

Can you answer those really awkward questions with confidence and clarity?

Even the 'easy' interviews are fraught with danger unless you are able to concentrate and avoid the pitfalls of letting out the next big 'secret' in your enthusiasm.

And what about the opposite scenario? Being too defensive and concerned only on an interview where you are selling your business will mean the media may interview you once but not come back again.

If you have already experienced these situations, you will know how crucial training for the media is. You have, as in every networking group, one chance to make a first impression. Some are media naturals but most need training.

At Wales and West Media, we interview people every day for written, radio, TV or on-line streaming media platforms. And - trust us - don't think you will get a question like 'How do you feel?' from some experienced hack or switched-on journalist when they are sent to see you by their news editors with the objective of getting that day's front page 'splash'.

We help ensure you can stand in front of any journalist with the confidence to speak well, put out your key messages and avoid the pitfalls of the journalist looking to get you to say something controversial but which will stick with you like glue when the paper has long since gone to for recycling.

We have corporate media training packages of varying sizes, from half-day seminars to complete bespoke training for companies from SMEs to multi-nationals so that you are not caught by a slip of the tongue and your business damaged by some story you did not want revealed.

We help with interview training across all platforms.

Do you need to deliver a speech in front of an audience? Wales and West Media can help with that as well through some outstanding associates and public speakers who have stood up in front of major conferences and received plaudits afterwards.


Look out for our occasional PR seminars where we will show you the dos and don'ts of the media industry.

Trust Wales and West Media Ltd to give you the edge. Call or e-mail us now to find out more.

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