Wales and West Media delivers on media relations because we have been there and done it at the sharp end. Our audience targeting to the people you want to touch base with is our keystone.

Many public relations companies employ 'account executives' who have never seen the inside of a newsroom, let alone had to sit on the other side of the newsdesk to make the key decisions of whose press release and pictures to use and whose to delete from the inbox.

Wales and West Media have been in the pressurised atmosphere of making decisions as senior journalists where only the best press release, written in readable English, make it to the cut for papers or websites.

So think. Do you want your press release and picture to be one of the seventy per cent that finishes its' life in the 'delete' file or do you want it published? Our success rate is high because we talk to the decision-makers and work on your behalf to get the STORY told.

We look after our clients personally with bespoke releases, pictures and, if you like, video from concept right through to the finish. We are not just an anonymous face at an agency. We work in person directly with you and your business, whether it is large, medium or small.

We do not 'scattergun' your press release to hundreds of newspapers on a 'shoot and hope for the best' basis - then charge you for the privilige. We ensure your message goes to the people you want to talk to so you get the most value for your money and ROI around.

Our releases are thoughly researched, often including personal visits to see you, written and delivered to senior jounralists, news, features and sports editors and our photographs are taken by award-winning photographers who work in PR - and nowhere else.

This is our professionalism as front-line journalists who know what newsrooms want and know what you want.

Speak to us about how we can help deliver the best publicity campaigns for your company.


Gary Baker

It is with great sorrow that we have to report the death of the owner and creator of Wales and West Media, Gary Baker.

Gary passed away on Janury 5th 2021 following a serious head injury.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Gary's family and close friends.