Nobody wants a business crisis but sometimes it happens. When something dreadful occurs and the media think it is worth a story in their paper or on TV, that is the time when your brand needs as much protection as you can possibly give it.

Wales and West Media have worked in situations like this on both sides of the fence so we know exactly what the paper is looking for in their story but, more importantly for our clients, how to deflect the on-coming storm.

We calm the crisis and testimonials from companies who have trusted us to do this prove our point!

No company likes bad news - but the media love it, which is why you need protection when something negative happens, like the closure of a factory or the loss of staff through redundancy.

Look on it as insurance. We hope we never have to work with your company on something like this but, if it does happen, get the experts on board to help you steer away and clear from the crisis - and they are Wales and West Media Ltd


Gary Baker

It is with great sorrow that we have to report the death of the owner and creator of Wales and West Media, Gary Baker.

Gary passed away on Janury 5th 2021 following a serious head injury.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Gary's family and close friends.