PR and Event Management

peel2saveLocal entrepreneur Steve Deroy Jones began a business called Peel2Save, a discount card where subscribers could buy products from local businesses and shops and, in turn, help drive the local economy.

Steve needed to launch Peel2Save and gain as much publicity in Newport, Gwent, as possible in order for word to get around. Steve, while being successful in another business as a will writer, had little idea of how PR would work so he asked Wales and West Media to help.

As such, Gary Baker was able to write a couple of press releases which gained significant local press coverage. Gary also suggested to Steve and his wife Angela, who had booked a room at the five star Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, for the launch, that it would be great to have the city's mayor to officially launch the product.

Through his contacts with the City Council, Gary was able to arrange for Her Worship Mayor Margaret Cornelius to attend the function along with other VIPs from the Newport business community.

Gary also managed the event, leaving Steve and Angela to mingle with their guests. Post launch, Gary wrote another press release and added pictures of the event which again made the local press and Social Media.

Steve was extremely pleased with the outcome and a glowing testimonial, sent a few days later, said: "This was a particularly stressful time for Angela and me, having to host the Mayor and other guests so it was quite a relief to have your guidance and to take control of the organisational duties and the PR.

"The pre-launch Press Release coverage you managed to get the South Wales Argus to print on the day was fabulous. Slap bang in the middle of a right hand page with full colour photograph, amazing.

"On the day you were efficient and unobtrusive and ensured everything went smoothly and enjoyably for everyone.

"Three words sum you up “The Consummate Professional”."