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Crisis Management

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Taff Bargoed Development Trust were having trouble with some clients and asked them to leave the premises they were using at the Taff Bargoed Centre. Wales and West Media had spoken to the Trust a few days earlier and Gary Baker went to the Centre this particular morning when the delicate matter was undertaken.

Once word got out, Gary expected the media to come knocking on the door. Sure enough, they did. While the Trustees waited in the Centre, Gary was able to speak with the waiting media, explain that the rumours they heard about the Centre closing were untrue and assured them there would be a statement later that day.

The statement was written and approved by lunchtime and dispatched to the media who were appeased. A story appeared in the local paper but it was controlled as the Trust wanted it and the matter died a natural death.


Had Wales and West Media not intervened on behalf of the Trust, who were working alongside the Heads of the Valleys Initative Programme (HOVIP), on this matter, it could well have become a big news story with half-truths and gossip spread around.

I may well have rumbled on for weeks but, instead, was nipped in the bud quickly and efficiently with no damage whatsoever to the Trust.

Mr Phil Burkhard, Heads of the Valleys Innovation Programme Manager, said: "Gary quickly understood the client needs and expertly used his media experience and skills to manage a very sensitive and high profile task. Along with the client, I am personally grateful for his support which has been timely, professional and proactive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary’s and Wales and West Media's services."