Angels Care Services

Instant Reaction Media Relations


Angels Care Services provide domiciliary care for people living in their own homes. During the winter of 2010, heavy snow came down right across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. Often the snow was so deep that roads became impassable. However, carers from Angels still had to make their way to their clients every day despite the severe conditions.


All of the Angels carers made great effort to meet their clients' needs. The carers in Barry, for instance, walked two miles on bad roads with their equipment and shoveled snow from the pathway of clients' houses and made sure they were there to help them.

As such, some clients felt obliged to thank the carers for their efforts. Angels Care Services told Wales and West Media director Gary Baker about this situation and, straight away, agreed to work with us to publicise this.

Local Cardiff newspaper, the South Wales Echo, were running pages of stories about the snow at this time. Gary contacted the newsdesk, sent over the story and, the following morning, a staff photographer was dispatched to Angels for a photoshoot with the carers.


Angels Care Services received enormous publicity for their great deeds in the Arctic conditions. The South Wales Echo ran a 600-word story with two pictures that filled Page Three of their paper.
Page Three is always held over for news stories but, if Angels were to be able to prize a full page advert on this page, it would run into many thousands of pounds.

Wales and West Media were able to secure this full page for a fraction of the massive potential advertising costs, leaving Angels Care Services, the South Wales Echo, the carers and their clients all extremely happy. It was a real win-win situation.

Additionally ....

When Angels Care Services received their annual inspection in 2010, they were able to produce the South Wales Echo Page Three story as partial evidence of their dedication to their clients, ethics and ethos. The inspection was passed with flying colours.

Mr Norrie Wilson, managing director of Angels Care Services, said: "What Gary Baker and Wales and West Media do for Angels Care Services doesn’t convey their practical, professional approach. I cannot recommend their services highly enough."