Client Testimonials

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‘Gary is an excellent sports editor who has greatly improved the Gloucestershire Gazette website’s sports section in the past year and does a superb job of producing all the sports pages single-handedly.
In the past year, he has maintained the consistent growth of unique users for the sports section online and coped well with staff redundancies which have directly impacted his workload.
Gary goes above and beyond what is expected of him in terms of working hours and is a fantastic asset to the Gazette.’

Michael Purton, Divisional Deputy Editor, Newsquest Midlands South and Gloucestershire

Dr Bridget Kirsop, of One Life Coaching, has worked with Gary Baker, of Wales and West Media, on her Public Relations and communication strategies since November 2016. Here she explains why she recommends Gary and Wales and West Media's services.
Bob Shepherd of Bob Shepherd Associates

Allow me to just add my thanks on behalf of ITV Wales for the way you organised press coverage for the Cycling Festival. Personally, I went from never having heard of the event to a very good knowledge of it, thanks to the constant supply of information supplied by your e-mails.

You certainly succeeded in increasing the festival’s visibility for broadcasters, as demonstrated by the appearance of ourselves and the BBC in Abergavenny. From what I saw of it, the event itself was very well organised too, so all credit to Bill and Brenda for that.

Richard Morgan, ITV Wales Sport, Cardiff

Fantastic weekend, glowing reports all round. Look forward to coming back to Abergavenny. Thanks to yourself and huge thanks to Bill for everything.

Ian Cleverly, Editor, Cycling Weekly Magazine

Thanks. It was a great weekend and probably one of the best organised road events I have worked on in 16 years as a cycling snapper. Great roads (quiet, well surfaced), excellent police and NEG support, easy and friendly press relations. Top stuff. Oh, yeah and the Welsh weather, parfait!

Robert Lampard, Photographer, Cycling Plus Magazine

Wales and West Media has the ability to go further than standard PR companies in that he can produce excellent material but also has the knowledge and contacts to place it exactly where it is wanted. You will always get more than you ask for with Wales and West Media.”

Bob Shepherd, Managing Director, Bob Shepherd Associates, Newport, South Wales.

Wales and West Media are very passionate about PR and getting a company's name out there in the public eye. They strive really hard to get the job well done and I have decided to use them for my PR. They are always thinking of how they can help you and would recommend him to anyone”

Tracey Jenkins, Managing Director, Introbiz Ltd, Cardiff